Police Departments Battle In Lip Sync Challenge – Who Do You Think Won?

For all intents and purposes, Norfolk officers are having a great July. Earlier this month, a story of a little girl who lost her favorite stuffed animal, Cookie Dough, went viral after an eight-year-old August Bridges left him at the terminal at Norfolk International Airport. Airport officers were able to find Cookie Dough and took him on several adventures over the course of a couple days while he waited for August to return to the airport and claim him. They even made her scrapbook of Cookie Dough’s adventures.


If officers in Norfolk didn’t win the hearts of Internet users with that story, they certainly are with their lip sync battle! A large – and we mean large! – group of officers took part in completing their version of the challenge on their lunch break and so far, it seems to be winning the nationwide challenge with over 45 million views since July 11th! Amazing!

To be fair, the Norfolk Police Department did tag just about every outlet they could think of in their preview post, so it was bound to generate a lot of views! Are you ready for Part 2 of this epic officer lip sync showdown?

Watch Norfolk Officers Lip Sync To Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk”:

Who do you think won the lip sync battle?

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