Police Departments Battle In Lip Sync Challenge – Who Do You Think Won?

Time and time again, we see stories of police officers and first responders going above and beyond the call of duty. Back in May, a photo of an officer from Dallas holding a three-month-old baby at the scene of a gruesome accident went viral. The officer was reported to have been singing to the infant, whose parents were trapped inside of the crushed car.

Last month, a video of a Texas State Trooper calmly and reassuringly speaking to a five-year-old who stole some candy was seen by tens of thousands of people after the little girl’s mother posted the video to Facebook. Her mother wanted people to see that despite what we see on the news, officers really are caring and compassionate human beings.


But police officers are more than just enforcers of the law and protectors of the citizens; they know how to have a good time, too! Over the last month, several police agencies throughout the country have participated in a nationwide lip sync battle.

The original video is credited to Bexar County, Texas Sheriff’s Deputy Alexander Mena, who lip-synced to “Fuiste Mala” by Intocable and Kumbia Kings. Since then, challenges have been issued to many forces throughout Texas. Until Monday, the favorite was the Corinth, TX Police Department who did a lip sync rendition of a 2009 hit from Miley Cyrus…

Watch Corinth Officers Lip Sync To Miley Cyrus “Party In The USA”:

You probably have the song stuck in your head now but remember how these officers did it because you’ll have to compare their performance with the officers from Norfolk in just a minute…

Head to the next page to watch the Norfolk Police Department’s rendition of Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk”!