Photo Of Police Officer Singing To 3-Month-Old Baby Will Melt Your Heart

Sadly, there are many stories and videos on TV and online of police officers showing poor judgment. But it’s important to remember that there are many law enforcement officers who show impeccable judgment, too. In fact, for every one officer who is using questionable tactics, there are hundreds more who do the right thing. Dallas police officer Donald Boice is definitely one of them.

Officer Boice responded to the scene of a fatal car accident over the Memorial Day weekend. Later during his shift, a call went out over dispatch that there was another horrible crash. A vehicle had overturned with two adults and three children trapped inside.

The officer couldn’t stand the thought of another scene of a fatal accident, especially one involving children. “Honestly, my thoughts were just, ‘Please, God. Not another one tonight,” he told a Dallas news station. When he was driving to the scene of the crash, he was informed that Dallas County Sheriff’s deputies were handling the accident. Because he works for the police department, not the sheriff, he could have left the accident scene alone. But he didn’t. Officer Boice is a father of three and since there were little ones involved, he was compelled to assist in any way he could.

“At that point, you kind of go from cop to parent real quick,” Officer Boice explained later. When he arrived, the children – ages five, two, and three months – were freed from the overturned vehicle. He saw the mother, who was badly injured and offered to hold the three-month-old while she received treatment from the paramedics.

“Both parents were screaming, ‘Please don’t let my baby die. Please don’t let my babies die,'” Officer Boice recalled. He took the baby, whose name is Jackson, and cradled him in his arms while shielding his older siblings from the trauma and chaos from the scene of the crash.

He softly began singing to Jackson, trying to comfort the infant. A photojournalist on the scene, Sam Hernandez, noticed the heartwarming gesture and captured the moment on his camera. Hernandez was moved by what he witnesses and shared the photo online. It quickly went viral. When Officer Boice was asked about his actions, he humbly said, “That could be my child, too. And I’d want someone treating my child the same way.”

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Source: Police Officer Sings to 3-Month-Old Baby After Near-Fatal Rollover Crash by Liftable

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