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Why This Over-The-Top Ice Cream Dessert Has The Internet Shaking Its Head NO

Right when you thought dessert had reached the pinnacle of theatrics with over-sized sundaes and ice cream-stuffed doughnut sandwiches, along comes something even more bananas. The folks over at Sugar Sugar in Ontario, Canada have whipped up something called the Ice Cream Cotton Candy Burrito and it’s got people worked up into a frenzy.

The Ice Cream Cotton Candy Burrito Has Arrived

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What exactly is an ice cream burrito? It’s pretty much what it sounds like. Using a flattened piece of cotton candy as the tortilla, a few scoops of ice cream are dropped on top and the frozen confection is rolled out in the shape of a burrito.

People Are Losing Their Minds Over This Trendy Dessert

People can’t stop talking about this tasty new treat.

You Can Get It Served Sprinkled With “Unicorn Dust”

Sugar Sugar is responsible for this creation but not everyone’s on board. Some think it’s just too much sugar to actually be able to enjoy. Others say it’s not a true burrito.

Some Argue That It’s Not Actually A Burrito

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