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Nutritionists Reveal What They Would Eat From A Vending Machine And What They Would Avoid

We all want to eat healthily but the problem is it’s not that easy. We live in a world where we are always on the go. It’s easier to run through the drive-thru in between your children’s activities than it is to plan ahead and pack a dinnertime picnic. Time is also a major factor in our eating habits. Without sacrificing any more sleep, how do you find time in the morning to pack lunches for the kids and yourself one?


Sometimes, emergencies arise. Your boss asks you for a report needed by the end of the day so you work through lunch. A loved one needs to be rushed to the emergency room and you miss a meal or two. You know you need to eat but you’re not about to leave your family member all alone. What do we do in these situations that we can’t avoid? We head to the vending machine to get something into our bellies. It’s almost unavoidable that we turn to a vending machine at some point but what isn’t is our ability to make smart choices. Daily Mail asked five nutritionists what they eat when their only choice is a vending machine and what they avoid…

The Good: Nuts


All of the experts said nuts would be their top choice. However, there is one drawback: “Although the salt would probably be more than I would want and they might be roasted instead of raw, I’m mainly picking it for what’s not in there: sugar, fats, and other additives,” Rochelle Sirota, a registered dietitian at Roc Nutrition in New York, told Daily Mail.

The Good: Popcorn


It isn’t the greatest option all the experts said but when the choice is between popcorn and chips, go with the former. Go for the plainest flavor possible, warns Sirota: “I would want the plainest if possible. You could pick a cheesy popcorn for protein but often what they use is not cheese, just coloring and processed stuff.”

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