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NHS Approves Funding For Breast Cancer Testing That Could Spare Patients From Chemotherapy

In the past year, we have heard more and more stories about breast cancer researchers finding new ways to treat the disease but there have also been several breakthroughs when it comes to testing for it as well. The biggest obstacle in the way of these scientists and doctors is time. It takes time for governments to approve human trials after lab testing has shown promise. One battle in England that has been taking place over the last year has just declared a winner.


The National Health Service (NHS), which provides all English citizens with health care, has just approved to pay for testing that will let doctors know if their breast cancer patient needs chemotherapy, or if the sufferer can be spared the awful side effects of radiation.


According to reports, nearly 10,000 women will be spared harsh chemotherapy treatment every year as a result of the NHS’ decision to fund three specific breast cancer tests – Oncotype DX, EndoPredict, and Prosigna.


In January, the NHS refused to pay for the testing, citing the assumed high cost of the breakthrough screenings, but it is believed that at least one, if not all three, of the manufacturers, have reduced their prices.

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