Newlyweds Who Met Online Find Out They Have More In Common Than They Originally Thought!

You’ve probably heard that opposites attract in the realm of romantic relationships but there is a different group of people who believe the opposite is true. While the scientific theories surrounding attraction may be true, so is the other school of thought.


For example, if you meet someone and you’re polar opposites, it could spell trouble down the road. If you want children and your significant other doesn’t, that could lead to major blow-ups in the future. If you’re a country girl and your beau is a city slicker this could cause some friction in your relationship when it comes time to purchase a house.


On the other hand, getting involved with someone who is exactly like you can get old quick. It may seem like it’s convenient to always choose the same restaurant or never argue over where to vacation but it can also lead to a little bit of staleness in your relationship as time progresses.


Of course, when it comes to both of these, there are always exceptions and the truth is, it doesn’t hurt to have someone sort of like you and sort of not. Everyone’s different and has their own traits they like in a mate whether it’s being similar, opposite, or both. One Louisiana couple met online and had a lot in common, but they soon found out their histories were more alike than they could have imagined.

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