Mother’s Final Clue Leads Police To Fugitive Son After 36 Years Of Searching For Him

Regardless of how big or small the infraction they commit, criminals always get caught. Or at least, 99-percent of them do. That’s why police chases broadcast live on the news or on social media are fascinating to so many people; does the criminal really think he or she is going to outrun the cops, police and news helicopters, and vigilante citizens? Put a different way, how many of these criminals do you ever see successfully escape?


Even if a perpetrator does get away with it in the beginning, they eventually get caught. Shows like America’s Most Wanted helped to catch more than 1,200 of these criminals between 1988 and 2012. A&E’s Live PD has since picked up the mantle so to speak and as a result of one of their recent exposés, a nine-year-old girl who was missing for two years was safely returned home.


Even people who break out of jail have been caught years after they went on the lam through a slip up on the criminal’s part or advanced technology and DNA evidence. But a mother’s obituary leading to a fugitive? That is pretty unique – and it just happened.


Stephen Michael Paris was sentenced to nine years in an Oklahoma prison after being found guilty of possessing and selling drugs. At the time, he was 22 years old. But Paris only served a fraction of that sentence – 19 months to be exact before he made a daring escape.

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