Mother Of Waffle House Survivor Thanks Waitress Who Saved His Life By Getting Her Wedding Dress

After returning to Nashville, Vickie wanted to thank Virginia. She went to the Waffle House, but most of the staff who was working at the restaurant at the time of the shooting were gone. She spoke to the manager and explained she would like to get in touch with the waitress who saved her son’s life. The manager took down Vickie’s contact info, but months went by without her hearing from him.

Then one day, Vickie was getting new tires for her vehicle when lo and behold, she ran into the manager! He gave Vickie the name of the waitress’ fiancé who she was able to locate and send a message. She explained who she was and why she was looking for his fianceé. He responded and the two struck up a friendly conversation.


Vickie learned that Virginia was struggling to come up with the money for her wedding dress and that’s when the idea hit her: She would help Virginia get her dress. She contacted Glitz Nashville, a bridal shop that holds an event to give free wedding dresses to military women, veterans, and first responders.

Being a veteran of the US Army, National Guard, and Reserves herself, Vickie made a special request that Glitz Nashville donate a dress to Virginia. The shop made an exception and granted Vickie her wish. On July 11th, Vickie met Virginia at the bridal shop and she was able to finally thank her for saving her son’s life.

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