Mother Of Waffle House Survivor Thanks Waitress Who Saved His Life By Getting Her Wedding Dress

Back in April, we witnessed another heinous shooting at a Waffle House in Nashville, TN. Four lives were lost and four more were injured when a shooter, wearing nothing but a coat, opened fire on patrons and employees. We quickly learned of the heroic acts of James Shaw, Jr., who disarmed the gunmen before he could do any more damage. Rightfully so, Shaw, Jr. was hailed as a hero.


Shaw, Jr. wasn’t the only hero that day. Aside from the first responders who tended to the wounded, the community who rallied to find the shooter, and his family who cooperated with authorities to aid in the search, a Waffle House waitress named Virginia Stanley became a hero of sorts as well.


Moments before the shooter burst inside the restaurant, Virginia had asked two customers, Michael Garth, Sr. and his friend Tre Sneed, if they could move from their seats at the counter because she was about to wash dishes and didn’t want to splash them. The two men agreed and it was a decision that Michael ultimately believes saved their lives.


Michael’s mom, Vickie Davis, was in Aruba for her honeymoon when the senseless shooting occurred. Not wanting to worry her while she was on her honeymoon, Michael waited until Vickie was home before telling her of his involvement at the Waffle House. She was relieved, to put it mildly, and incredibly thankful that at the time, the waitress’ only concern was getting her son and his friend wet. Virginia’s concern was a literal lifesaver.

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