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Mother Explains Motives After Facing Major Backlash Over Son’s Zombie-Themed Birthday Shoot

Documenting milestones is a big deal for families, especially with the technology that we all have at our disposal. We want to make sure that we capture every big moment of our lives so we can relive them when we’re feeling a bit nostalgic. Class pictures, wedding ceremonies, and graduations… everything is documented. This is especially true when it comes to our children. Who doesn’t want to record their child’s first steps?


When Australian mother, Amy Louise’s little boy turned one, she wanted to mark this special occasion with a photo shoot. She got her son Phoenix dressed in costume, got him a specially made cake, and had the theme all ready, but after she posted the pictures for the public to see, she got a backlash she didn’t anticipate. The reason? It was a zombie-themed photo shoot, and the cake was red velvet in the shape of a brain. Queue the outrage.


You would think that with all of the success a show like The Walking Dead has had, people wouldn’t be up in arms about this, but some parents felt she had gone too far. They were dismayed and disgusted by the apparent vulgarity of a zombie child, but Amy had a motive and story for the shoot. That didn’t stop the anger vented towards her.


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