Mom Has Important Warning For Scented Candles After Finding Black Specks In Son’s Nose

It feels like our kids have a new fundraiser kicking off every month, either for school or an extracurricular activity. As moms and dads, we know that what these catalogs, candy bars, and ordering sheets really are is a way for us to drum up sales at work. How many times can little Janie knock on Mrs. Wilson’s door asking her to buy wrapping paper or cookie dough?


We dread when our kids come home with the latest flyer letting us know we have two weeks to sell $450 worth of candy or whatever else we’re they’re supposed to be peddling. Except for two.

Every single person on Earth is excited when Girl Scout cookies season starts. In fact, some of us may intentionally drive around local shopping plazas on the hunt for the cookie stand selling those addictive little treats.


You probably even have that one Facebook friend that you only communicate when February rolls around because their daughter is selling them and they always have cases of Thin Mints.

The other fundraiser all moms can get onboard with is the candle sales. Are they a little pricier than the ones you can buy at the specialty stores at the mall or the big box retailers? Of course. Do we care? Nope. It’s for the kids.


We love scented candles. We’re addicted to them just like Girl Scout Cookies. However, unlike the annual pandemonium when you see the dreaded “We only have two boxes left of Samoas! Message me if you want them!” status update, candles can be purchased 365 days a year. Thankfully.

One mother is warning on our overuse of scented candles and if you have small children at home, it’s one message you’re going to be glad you saw.

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