Mom Gets The Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift: A College Degree Alongside Her Youngest Son

Jeanine decided in 2009 to go to college and earn her degree in child development while working three jobs. It took her a little longer than others but she had encouragement from her 27-year-old son Joshua, who also attended Sacramento State.

Joshua was actually planning on attending a different university when he was studying at his local community college. Joshua was planning on transferring to UC Davis to become an entomologist but switched his major to English and found himself at Sac State instead.

Jeanine says she tried not to embarrass Joshua too much so she didn’t make it obvious she was his mother. She would see him on campus and wave hello, but she said that was the extent of her engagement. She said he was welcomed to say hi to her anytime, which he did. He also helped her with her homework and by proofreading her essays.

This weekend, the two will also be able to share something else with each other: graduation. Because there are so many students graduating from Sac State, commencement was divided into two days. The 61-year-old will graduate on Friday, May 18th and her son will walk the following day, so they will both be able to cheer each other on just like they’ve always done.

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