Mom Gets The Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift: A College Degree Alongside Her Youngest Son

High school graduations may be right around the corner but many colleges and universities are holding their commencement ceremonies already. This is a nerve-wracking time in a parent’s life for many reasons, including having to let go of your baby. Regardless if you’re a mom or dad to one or 100 kids, they’re all your babies when graduation rolls around!


It’s also a time of reflection and pride, leading to some of life’s most bittersweet moments. Watching your daughter walk across the stage, images of her childhood will flood your memories and your heart. As you snap photo after photo of your son through tears, you’ll probably remember all of the obstacles he went through to get to this moment.


But these feelings aren’t reserved for just kids. More and more adults are going back to school and getting the degree they couldn’t finish earlier in life or weren’t able to start until they were much older in life. There are obviously many reasons for an adult forgoing college when they’re 18 but it usually all boils down to life getting in the way.


Jeanine Dinsmore hadn’t stepped foot in a classroom since she graduated high school in 1974. This would be a scary undertaking for anyone, but Jeanine had a little support on campus from her youngest son!

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