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Mom Pregnant After Four Miscarriages Completely Breaks Down After Ultrasound Results

The Pontos refused to give up on their dream of having a baby. They went through five round of intrauterine insemination but were unsuccessful every time.

Desperate, Allyson and Tony made one attempt at in vitro fertilization. Allyson dreaded taking the pregnancy test, but her emotions quickly turned to unfathomable joy when it came back positive.

However, her trepidation didn’t completely go away.

I would say they have grown a bit 😳

Posted by 4 Peas in a Ponto on Friday, June 30, 2017

When it was time for Allyson to go in for the ultrasound, she was definitely hopeful, but at the same time she claims she was “totally prepared for a let down. Or for something to be wrong.”

Allyson and Tony were praying that they would hear a heartbeat, but they were not prepared for what they actually heard; not one, but FOUR heartbeats!

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Olivia Susan, Anna Louise, Morgan Price, and Carolyn Grace all weighed around two to three pounds each and were born happy and healthy on July 4th.

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