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Mom Pregnant After Four Miscarriages Completely Breaks Down After Ultrasound Results

For many fortunate women, pregnancy has its share of ups and downs, but goes off without a hitch for the most part.

The hardest part for these mothers may be the morning sickness, or not being able to tie her shoes at the end.


Sadly, for far too many expectant mothers, they don’t have any joy in pregnancy because they experience the heartbreaking and painful loss of their unborn child.


Many women find themselves at a crossroads; they want to have a child of their own but they are afraid of experiencing another miscarriage.


Allyson Ponto understands this far too well.

She and her husband, Tony, had been trying to conceive for 10 years. Four times over the course of the decade they were successful, but each attempt ended in a tragic miscarriage.

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