Mom ‘Embarrased’ That Daughter Is Excited Her Reader Was Used By Country Superstar

Even if you’ve never listened to country music, you likely know who Blake Shelton is. Aside from being named People’s Sexiest Man Alive, he’s one of the original coaches in the hit NBC show The Voice. He also grew up in Ada, Oklahoma where the Parkers live.

Marley was excited when she got home and showed her mom the country star’s name on the inside of the book, but Shelly wasn’t thrilled about it at all. She snapped a photo of Marley with the book and posted it to Facebook, where it’s been shared thousands of times in the last week.

Marley is EXCITED that her “new” reader belonged to Blake Shelton, but I am EMBARRASSED!!!! I’m 40 and these people are…

Posted by Shelly Bryan Parker on Wednesday, April 4, 2018

“Marley is EXCITED that her “new” reader belonged to Blake Shelton, but I am EMBARRASSED!!!!” Shelly wrote. “I’m 40 and these people are my age!!!”

Marley is seen smiling from ear to ear while holding up Look Away (Keys to Reading) that was once held and read by Shelton in 1982. Shelly explained to People why she had the reaction she did.

“I said, ‘No, that can’t be,’” Shelly, a former teacher, said. “I can’t believe these books are so old. When I was in school, I wasn’t using books that were 40 years old.”

Her Facebook post comes after teachers in Oklahoma walked out of schools last week protesting for more funding for equipment and textbooks that are outdated. Shelly’s post was a little bit of luck and a lot of great timing. She said she wasn’t surprised at all that Shelton’s name was in the book considering he grew up in Ada and still has tons of family there. Her outrage is with the school system and their spending choices.

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