Mom ‘Embarrased’ That Daughter Is Excited Her Reader Was Used By Country Superstar

As humans, especially Americans, we’re fascinated by celebrities of any genre. You can look to memorabilia sales and auction houses for proof. Last June, a pair of Converse basketball shoes worn by Michael Jordan at the Los Angeles 1984 Olympic Games were purchased at auction for a whopping $190,372.


It can be even more of a lucrative business when it comes to Hollywood movies and musicians. Ringo Starr’s first drum kit, a Ludwig Oyster Black Pearl with “The Beatles” commissioned on the bass drum sold in December 2015 for a record price of $2,110,000. It was purchased by Jim Irsay, the billionaire owner of the Indianapolis Colts and one of the world’s leading collectors of Beatles memorabilia, proving even people in the entertainment industry have fans of other genres!


Sometimes it isn’t isn’t even about paying big-time money for a big-time item. Many celebs give autographs while they’re out to eat or filming in a small town. Kids and grownups alike line up after sporting events to get their favorite player to sign a jersey or program.


The excitement with getting a celebrity’s name on something even reaches schools, and in one recent case, an elementary school book. Marley Parker of Ada, Oklahoma was over the moon when she opened her “new” school reader and plain as day was one of country music’s biggest superstars name written right on the cover! However, her mother Shelly was mortified.

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