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11 Hilarious Times Men Thought They Were “Dying” Because Of The Common Cold

Whomever coined the derogatory phrase about women being the “weaker sex” has never seen a man with a cold. We know you’ve heard the rumors before. Or maybe you’ve even seen it happen to your dad or your husband. So what is it about the common cold that suddenly transforms men into unrecognizable trembling and helpless messes of human beings?

While we don’t really have an explanation for why men sometimes fall apart at the tiniest sign of a fever or a sniffle, one thing’s for sure: No matter what they say, they are NOT dying.

And guess what ladies, you definitely are not alone in witnessing this unusual phenomenon. Around the world, there a plenty of women just like you whose men insist it’s the end of the world when the flu shows up.

Need anymore proof? Check out the gallery of hilarious insight below on what happens to men when the big, bad cold strikes!


You know it’s serious when his wife has to get the “euthanasia” pills!




This one goes out to all the moms out there!


Her husband sounds like a lot of husbands we know!

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