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This Lonely Elderly Widower Built A Pool In His Yard So The Neighbor Kids Could Play

There are many things we tend to overlook when someone reaches a certain age. We forget that, with their many years, there have been many heartbreaks. They may have lost family and friends, loved ones who been in their life for more years than not. As we move along the mortality time line, as we watch events unfold and history being made and unmade, loneliness settles in.

Retired Judge Keith Davison Was Lonely Without His Late Wife


Without realizing it, we suddenly feel alone in the world. Billions of people around us, and still our own social fabric is unraveling and disappearing. When retired Judge Keith Davison lost his wife, Evie, of 66 years, he couldn’t have imagined how empty he’d feel. He cried out of loss, out of not having his best friend and partner around to share laughs and love with.

So He Did Something To Cheer Himself Up


Even with three adult children of his own, Davison has no grandchildren to share his autumn years with. So at age 94, he decided to do something to ease his pain. The solution? A swimming pool. Yes, a swimming pool. You see, neighbors often said that Davison was like a grandfather figure to the neighborhood kids, and he decided to give them something to celebrate in the hot sun of the Minnesota summer.

And The Neighborhood Kids Love It As Well


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