Man Can’t Hold Back Emotions When 13-Year-Old Stepdaughter Hands Him A Special Gift

As beautiful as stories of adoptions are, it’s important to remember that a child (or children) experienced a great loss. Alexa lost her biological father one week before she turned a year old, on Father’s Day no less. Her mother Mia met a man named Gus Roman about a year later, and he began to raise Alexa. Eventually, Mia and Gus got married and had a son together named Noah. Noah is now seven and noticed that although they were a family, Alexa’s last name was Figueroa, not Roman.


Gus had always wanted to adopt Alexa, but he was adamant that it was her choice when she was ready. The day came when Alexa was ready: on Father’s Day 2018. The day is normally one of sadness but Alexa wanted it to be a day of happiness, so she had a special gift made for Gus, a picture book filled with photographs of the two of them together over the last 11 years.

Gus got a little teary-eyed at times, but when he got to the last page and read what Alexa wrote, he couldn’t hold back any longer and completely broke down…

Watch This Beautiful Moment Below:

Source: Girl Surprises Stepdad With Photo Book Adoption Gift by Happily

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