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Man Can’t Hold Back Emotions When 13-Year-Old Stepdaughter Hands Him A Special Gift

When we see stories of adoption, we can’t help but get emotional. And why shouldn’t why? Adoption is a beautiful part of humanity that’s touched just about everyone’s life in one way or another. There are a lot of features on the news about adopting pets from shelters, which is incredibly heartwarming, but it’s the stories of children that usually tug at our heartstrings the most.


Some couples open their hearts to many children, like Joe and Karen Bartling. In total, they’ve adopted six children from all around the world. Even more amazing is that every one of the kids is blind and some have severe health issues.


At other times, it’s the stories of individual adults who bring children into their homes and hearts that stand out to us the most. Like Barry Farmer who adopted his first son, Jaxon when he was 21 years old. Barry is now 30 and has two more sons, Xavier and Jeremiah, that he adopted out of the foster care system.


Still, at other times it’s a stepfather who stepped into the role of dad when a child was very young and raised him or her as his own who make us tear up. In these cases, it’s usually the child who approaches their stepparent when they are a teenager. A lot of times these clever teens come up with amazing ways of asking to be adopted, like Cassidy, who surprised her deaf stepdad of 13 years, Hank with adoption papers.

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