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Makeup Artist Transforms Herself Into Famous Disney Characters And The Results Are Amazing!

The Internet has been responsible for giving many artists a platform to display their talents with people from all over the world. Some of these people like Justin Bieber and Shawn Mendes have gone on to become highly successful singers, thanks to sites like YouTube and Vine. There have been dozens of girls “discovered” on Instagram who are now models and others who propelled their careers through other forms of social media.

Promise Tamang is an Instagram star who has more than one million followers. She doesn’t sing or dance, but she does model – just not the kind you’re thinking of. Promise is a makeup artist who transforms herself into Disney characters.

She started doing it for fun roughly seven years ago but she is so talented that she quickly garnered a lot of support and is now famous for her creations – or recreations if you will. She calls herself the “human chameleon” and has turned herself into celebs such as Mariah Carey and Ed Sheeran but she posted an entire series recently of transforming into our Disney faves. The results are pretty amazing, too! Take a look…

This Is Promise

This is how the 28-year-old normally looks until she starts her magic!


Darla is one Disney villain that is often forgotten. Promise brings her to life with the help of makeup and a little Photoshopped fish!

Moana And Maui

Promise and her friend really do everyone’s favorite Polynesian princess and demigod justice with this one!


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