Los Angeles Couple Turns Tragedy Into Celebration For Homeless Children

The couple visited the Union Rescue Mission, where they met dozens of children and their parents who had nothing to call their own. Mary felt very strongly that these kids needed to know they were loved. And what better way than on their birthday?

So in January 2013, Mary and Ari threw a birthday party for the homeless children in the shelter. 15 kids attended but since then more than 6,000 of Skid Row’s children have been able to celebrate their special day at a rooftop birthday party thrown by Worthy of Love.


For some of these families, it’s the only way their children can have a birthday at all. The parents are incredibly grateful for the charity and for Mary and Ari.

“I still want them to live a normal life, you know? I don’t want them to feel no kind of way because we’re in a tough situation right now. I want them to still be kids,” Crystan Randell, whose daughter Briana celebrated her 12th birthday with a Worthy of Love party.

After years of giving back to their community and to children in need, Mary and Ari found out they were expecting a child of their own. Their daughter is now turning one and will celebrate her milestone birthday the same way the children of the Union Rescue Mission do.

“I want her to grow up knowing, there are kids that don’t get everything that you have,” Mary said. “You have to bless others and bring happiness and joy to those that need it most.”

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