L’Oreal Drops Beauty Blogger From Photoshoot Due To ‘Skin Issues’ And The Internet Is Outraged!

More and more we see vloggers and bloggers “hitting it big” in mainstream ads and programs. In fact, even though virtually every TV show and product out there has its own YouTube channel, the top money-making YouTubers are people who you would have never heard of had they not grabbed a camera, shot some footage, tinkered with some editing, and uploaded it to their channel.


What do you think of this look? ? record it on YouTube! Ready for tomorrow ??

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The two most popular genres on the social media site are games and beauty and some of the influencers are skyrocketing to fame. The same can be said for Instagram, which is becoming a haven for makeup and beauty mavens worldwide. That’s where Kadeeja Khan caught the eye of more than 138,000 followers and L’Oreal.


The thing that makes Kadeeja stand out amongst the masses who would love to launch an authentic beauty career is that she is brutally honest when it comes to her skin. Kadeeja has been suffering from bad acne for years and has tips and tricks she gives other people who are struggling with the same unsightly skin condition.


Soo sad to say that I won’t be taking my roaccutane pills anymore. Not now. I’ve felt the worse these last 2 months. Horrible. I’ve felt depressed, sad, anxiety & alone. These pills have really brought me down & I cant hold it any longer. I would find myself continuously crying & not finding a reason for it. I gained over 3 stone from just comfort eating. It’s been a horrible 2 months & I don’t think I can really go back to it. I really want my skin to clear & ive tired everything believe me. But I’m even more devastated as my last option (roaccutane) is harming me. Ever since the age of 12 I’ve suffered with this & ive learnt to deal with it. From my years in school getting called out on my ‘jaw being too big’ I’ve been called all sorts of names from (chocolate nuts, pizza face etc) its been horrible. The one passion I have is all the keeps me going because I love it soo much. It’s hard to say but even some companies stopped working with me due to not ‘editing’ my images anymore. Of course that brought my spirit down even more. It made me feel that their really isn’t room in the makeup world for someone like me because I’m not so ‘flawless’. I’m learning to deal with that too because I’m not a quitter. I will embrace who I am proudly. If no one wants to work along side me or take any ‘beauty advice’ from me due to my skin. Then that’s up to them. I won’t change myself to fit in. I want people to understand that is what people deal with everyday. No one talks about it because we don’t want to ruin our images. I’m looking into different ways of getting rid of my acne that won’t cause me harm like this. However if I don’t get rid of it any other way, then I’ll leave it. I’ll embrace it ❤️

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Many of her followers consider Kadeeja a godsend and have shown them how to help hide their own acne so they can feel confident – something that anyone who has ever had consistently bad breakouts can definitely appreciate. In fact, her Instagram followers were over the moon when Kadeeja announced she would soon be working with cosmetics juggernaut L’Oreal.

Then out of nowhere, it all went downhill and now the Internet is outraged at the international brand.

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