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Little Girl Sends A Letter To Her Cat In Heaven And Gets A Reply From The Mailman

It’s hard to say goodbye to a pet at any age, but it’s especially tough for children. And 5-year-old Nevaeh Lowe knows that all too well.

Nevaeh, from Lower of Walton-on-Thames, England, experienced the loss of her beloved cat, Tin Tin, earlier this year. He passed away from heart failure and she’s been struggling to adjust to life without him.

Photo: Facebook / Tamara Lowe

Tamara, Navaeh’s mom, shared how close the two were with the Mirror. She said, “Nevaeh and Tin Tin were best friends, they had a really close bond, whenever they saw each other they were so happy.”

Because Nevaeh desperately missed Tin Tin, she decided to write him a letter up in heaven. Tamara let her know she probably wouldn’t receive a reply, but they addressed the envelope to “heaven” and mailed it off anyway.

But, to the surprise of both Tamara and Nevaeh, they received a reply letter just a week later!

Of course, it wasn’t truly Tin Tin who had written back. A post employee named Clive Edwards saw the letter addressed to heaven and wanted to help Nevaeh find some closure in her loss.

Clive wrote the letter as if he were Tin Tin, ensuring Nevaeh that he’s happy up in heaven, and he even included a paw print!

But his act of kindness didn’t stop there. Clive added a stuffed animal and a book featuring cats to remember Tin Tin with.

Tamara shared with the Mirror that she didn’t expect a response at all, but the letter and gifts were really helping Nevaeh find peace with Tin Tin’s passing.

“She really needed one final goodbye and to know that Tin Tin was OK without her and being there to look after her,” Tamara said.

Tamara shared the story on Facebook in hopes to find Clive and thank him. And thanks to the efforts of those who shared her post, they were able to connect and share how meaningful his action was to them.

The world needs more employees like Clive!