Little Boy Has The Cutest Reaction After Reading He Is Going To Be A Big Brother!

While the glitz, glam, confetti, and balloons are certainly fun, there’s something to be said about a simple and emotional announcement video, which is exactly what you’re about to see below. The little boy’s name is Logan and his parents are trying to tell him that their family will be growing by one before they announce it to the rest of the world.

Mom calls Logan out and tells him she wants him to read something and that he may need a little help as some of the words may be above his reading level. Logan immediately is skeptical about the whole thing but sits down and starts reading what mom and dad wrote down.


He gets through “I am” okay before struggling with the word “going.” Mom encourages him to sound it out and he eventually gets it right. Logan is able to breeze through “to be a big” but stumbles on the last and more important word, “brother.” Once he gets it all out, he repeats it over and over again, not fully grasping what he just read.

Finally, the lightbulb goes off and Logan’s reaction is so precious, you’ll want to share this video with everyone you know. Take a look for yourself…

Watch Logan Find Out He’s Going To Be A Big Brother:

Source: Little Brother Surprise by AFVVirals

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