Little Boy Has The Cutest Reaction After Reading He Is Going To Be A Big Brother!

In the year 2018, there’s no shortage of big announcement videos. In fact, our Facebook feeds and Instagram timelines are filled with excited couples and individuals sharing their milestones with friends, family, and anyone with an Internet connection. Of course, this means that some people feel the need to make their announcement big and better than the last one.


It started a few years back when social media apps pushed for its users to include photos and videos in their status updates. The first people to jump on the trend were the newly-engaged couples. Both men and women alike posted their version of “She said yes!” with a photo of the ring.


Over the years, we’ve seen pregnancy announcement and gender reveals, proposals, promotions, college acceptance videos and everything in between. It seems at this point, we’ve seen it all, doesn’t it? Even the ones that don’t go exactly as planned…


The video on the next page not only reminds us that sometimes less is more, it also leaves everyone with a bit of anticipation as you really aren’t sure if the little guy in the video will finally realize what’s going on or if mom or dad will have to just come out and tell him!

Head to the next page for one of the sweetest reactions to finding out you’re getting a new sibling you will ever see…