Instagram Account Posts Rarely-Seen And Forgotten Photos Of Celebs And People Can’t Get Enough!

Angelina Jolie

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She was stunning then, she’s stunning now…

The Cast Of That 70s Show

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This was the first cast photo taken of the kids from That 70s Show back in 1998. Who would’ve thought 20 years later that Kelso really would marry Jackie and have his own show with Hyde (Netflix’s The Ranch)?

Barack Obama

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The future POTUS first photo shoot with Vanity Fair was when he was 28 years old and the brand-new president of the Harvard Law Review. He looks exactly like he did on his first inauguration day!

Leonardo DiCaprio

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This photo was taken by paparazzi in 1998 while a young DiCaprio was reveling in the success from Titanic and just wanted some spaghetti.

Marilyn Monroe

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This gorgeous and forgotten photo of the Hollywood starlet was taken on the set of The Misfits in 1960 by Eve Arnold, said this about Marilyn: “At photo sessions, she was in total control. She manipulated everything – me, the camera. She knew a lot about cameras and I had never met anyone who could make them respond the way she did. So she got what she wanted, because she wasn’t under all the kinds of pressure she felt during a film-shoot: remembering her lines, enduring hours of preparation. With me, she was in charge of the situations.”

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