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Important Warning For Parents As Grieving Couple Begs For Miracle After 7-Week-Old Baby Hit In Head By Softball

In Minnesota, doctors put McKenna on anti-seizure medications as they treated her for skull fractures and two brain bleeds. In the days that followed, McKenna suffered multiple seizures lasted up to 15 minutes long, with many of them coming in clusters. She was then placed in a medically induced “deep coma” and put on a ventilator.


Doctors fear McKenna could have brain damage but won’t know the severity of it until McKenna’s brain can heal more. A Facebook group was formed called Healing For McKenna where the family has repeatedly asked for prayers. After the group soared to 100,000 members, McKenna’s seizures miraculously stopped and she opened her eyes.

Kassy, Lee, and their family members have repeatedly said that what happened to their daughter was an accident and that they blame no one for McKenna’s injury. However, the story has sparked an online debate over whether or not ball fields are a safe place to bring an infant. What are your thoughts on infants sitting in stands at sporting events?

Watch The Update On McKenna Below:

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