Husband Gets A Second Chance At Proposing To His Terminally Ill Wife After 37 Years Of Marriage

Knowing that Sherri doesn’t like a whole lot of attention being drawn to her or for anyone to make a big deal about her, Greg enlisted the help of their kids and grandkids in planning the perfect surprise for his sick wife.

With their family hiding, Greg began to walk Sherri towards the park when she came across a message written in chalk: “13,337 days of marriage, forever to go. Will you marry me again?” Sherry had figured out what was going on and tried to turn away but Greg held her hand and walked her over to a tree which had a ribbon with a ring dangling from one of the branches.


Sherri was smiling but pretended to be annoyed at her sweet husband. As he tried to untie the ribbon with his nervous fingers, he explained that he had wanted to do this for a long time but knew she’d be mad at him. He asked, “If by chance I ask you to marry me again, would you?” Sherri jokingly responded “No,” before Greg dropped to one knee and put the ring on her finger.

As the kids and grandkids eagerly awaited the response, Greg informed them, “She said ‘Yes, you big idiot,'” as he hugged his wife.

Watch This Sweet Moment:

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