Husband Gets A Second Chance At Proposing To His Terminally Ill Wife After 37 Years Of Marriage

When a woman meets Mr. Right and knows in her heart that he’s the one, she starts to think about becoming engaged. She dreams of their wedding day, their future children, and growing old together. As much as social media would like us to believe it’s all about the production value of the proposal, most women will tell you it really doesn’t matter how their boyfriend asks for her hand in marriage. Sherri Madson never really cared too much back in 1981 when her husband Greg asked her to marry him, even though it’s bothered him for years.


Greg and Sherri found out that they were expecting, so Greg wanted to marry his love as quickly as possible. He admits he more or less “tossed” her a ring and that was the end of it. Sherri never brought it up and never seemed to mind.


The Madsons have now been married for 37 years but a lot has changed since 1981. The couple has five children and nine grandchildren whom they adore. They’ve had their ups and downs like every couple but through it all, they’ve stayed strong and committed to each other.


One of the struggles the couple is now facing is Sherri’s health. She was diagnosed with terminal liver cancer and the family isn’t sure how much longer she has left. Greg decided he couldn’t wait any longer to show Sherri how much he truly loves her and had the perfect way of letting her know.

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