Humble Tattoo Shop Owner Donates Air Conditioners To Families In New York

While relaxing in the air conditioning of his home and business, Chad thought about all of the families who were suffering through the hot summer without AC. He decided he wanted to do something to help, so he began calling local retailers. It turned out that the Home Depot told Chad they “had a few,” which he said “turns out they had more than a few,” so he took his truck down to the store and loaded up six AC units. Chad said he wishes he could have afforded more.


His post began getting traction and before long, his inbox was filled with names of local people who were in need of some cool air. His friends also began sharing his story, saying that Chad’s always been kind and generous and that his compassionate act didn’t surprise them. The attention, however, did surprise Chad.

“I didn’t expect it to take off like it did,” Chad told WNYT. “I was just trying to help some local people out.”

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