Humble Tattoo Shop Owner Donates Air Conditioners To Families In New York

They say that you can’t judge a book by its cover, and Chad Foster of Schenectady, New York is proof of that. Some people say the heat makes people do some wacky things, and Chad is proof of that as well. Although, for many families in Chad’s area, they would say his actions were far more “kind” than “wacky,” and once you read his story, you’ll probably be inclined to agree!


Chad opened I & I Tattoo more than two years ago. Chad himself is covered in tattoos and also has a long, bushy beard. He may look a little scary, with his abundance of facial hair and ink, but Chad is just a regular businessman who decided to do something pretty extraordinary – and it all came to him on a whim.


Before Chad opened his tattoo shop, he taught special education for nine years. Speaking to WYNT, he said that he’s always had a soft spot for kids. All of that, combined with the fact Chad is just a really good guy, led him to go viral for one simple Facebook post.

Chad posted the above photo on Facebook on July 3rd. It’s been shared and viewed thousands of times by people all over the globe. In the caption, Chad wrote:

“So I just left Home Depot with as many air conditioners as I could afford. If you know of a family with kids that can’t afford one, let me know!!!! (If they drive an Escalade and don’t work, don’t contact me).
And don’t tag them just message me.

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