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Hospital Throws Prom For Teen Who Had A Major Allergy Attack On Her Way To The Dance!

Last week, another amazing prom story emerged. Hannah Christie of Michigan was on her way to her prom with her date, Calvin Thibeault, when something went terribly wrong. All of a sudden, Hannah started having a major allergic reaction on the way to the dance. It turns out, she didn’t know there were pine nuts in her pesto sauce during her pre-prom dinner. She unknowingly ate them which sent her to the emergency room instead of the prom venue.

Once Hannah was in the clear, the nurses felt so bad that she was missing prom that they decided to throw her a very special on at the hospital! They made flowers out of paper, made sure to play Hannah’s favorite music, brought in a bunch of snacks, and even invited all of Hannah’s friends to hand out until 1:30 am.

It definitely wasn’t the prom Hannah or Calvin had been hoping for but her mother told their local news that Hannah was “very happy” that she was able to participate in the prom thrown for her by her nurses. Prom surprises are nothing new but it’s so touching to see the different ways people surprise the people they care about. One teen had a huge surprise for her date as he began walking toward her…

Take A Look:

Source: Prom Date Loses His Mind After Seeing Teen Girl Walk for First Time in 10 Months by Liftable

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