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Horrified Mom Warns Others Of Car Seat Safety After 11-Month-Old Got Out While Driving On Highway

Car seat safety is important to every parent and caretaker. When parents are expecting, they carefully check each manufacturer’s website for recall information, search online for model reviews, and ask advice from friends and family as to which car seat works best for them and their child. Many parenting and Lamaze classes will even give tips on car seat safety and installation, as will fire and police departments.


Just about every state and hospital won’t allow you to take your newborn home until your car seat has been inspected for proper use and installation.

But what happens when your infant outgrows the rear-facing car seat in only a few short months? That seems to be when parents experience the most confusion over what type of car seat to purchase next.


Do you stick with a rear-facing car seat if your baby is over six months old or do you transition them to a front-facing seat? It should be pretty easy considering mom and dad just researched car seats before the baby was even born, but sadly, it isn’t and that’s why it’s important to read and see stories like Mae Alderman’s.


Mae and her “very active” 11-month-old son were driving on Interstate 65 in Tennessee when the unthinkable happened: traveling at speeds around 65mph, her son, who was buckled into his car seat suddenly got out of it.

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