Homeless Man Becomes A Hero After Saving Children From Burning Building

Many people in this country treat the homeless with disdain. Unfortunately, they’re not even looked at as human beings by some callous people.

Through depictions on TV shows and in movies, homeless people are often portrayed as drug addicts, alcoholics, and other negative connotations.


The truth is, no one knows what hardships these people went through or what unfortunate circumstances they found themselves in that landed them on the streets.

Unless, of course, you take the time to ask.


If you’re someone who looks down on homeless people, one Las Vegas man may change the way you see people living on the streets.

Anival Angulo is 36 and homeless.

Anival happened to be near an apartment building when he heard children screaming. When Anival looked in the direction of where he heard the noise, he saw smoke.

That’s when he sprung into action.

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