Helicopter Carrying Bride Crashes At The Venue But The Wedding Goes On Anyway

A horrific incident over the weekend is proving that nothing gets in the way of true love. A harrowing experience was captured on video over the weekend and people all over the world are shocked by the events that transpired in Brazil. However, no one was more shocked than the bride herself.


First reported by the Brazilian website, Globo, four people were onboard a helicopter that crashed into a vineyard. The vineyard was the site of a wedding and the bride was in the helicopter! She obviously wanted to make a grand entrance and some would say she did just that.


Thankfully, everyone onboard the copter walked away from the crash but three of the four people onboard did sustain “minor injuries.” Most people would have postponed their¬†nuptials, and given the circumstances, no one could have blamed them. But these two lovebirds decided that they were going to go through with the ceremony!


As the wreckage was burning in the distance, the couple exchanged their vows while their guests watched. The firefighters from Sao Paulo were able to contain the fire and the venue reported that everything else was fine the rest of the day.

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