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Bride Shares Heartbreaking Father-Daughter Wedding Dance Bedside With Dying Dad

There are some wedding traditions that fathers and daughters can’t wait to experience and the father-daughter dance at the top of the list. But for one bride-to-be’s terminally ill father, his hopes were quickly fading for him to be able to attend his daughter Lisa Wilson’s wedding.

Rather than have her beloved father miss her special day, Lisa and fiance Robert Pantoja decided to scrap their fancy wedding plans and moved the date up a week earlier. She wanted to make sure she and her dying father had the opportunity to share their father-daughter dance at her wedding celebration.

Lisa Wilson Cancelled Her Wedding Venue So Her Terminally Ill Father Could See Her Marry

The wedding party gathered in David Wilson’s hospital room where the nuptials were performed bedside. As the families tearfully looked on, Lisa clasped her hands inside of her father’s.

David Wilson Cradles His Daughter’s Face In His Hands


Although her cancer-stricken father was bedridden, it didn’t stop the two of them from dancing with their hands to the classic song “I Will Always Love You.” As her father placed his hands on his daughter’s face, tears poured down her cheeks. The two shared an emotional embrace and she covered his face with kisses.

Sadly, just a few days after Lisa and Robert wed, David lost his battle to cancer.

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