Guy Finds Abandoned Dog On The Highway And They Start An Epic Adventure Together

After Chase scooped Paco up, he really wasn’t sure what to do with him since he was traveling across the entire United States.

“After I had him in my bus, I just sat there thinking, ‘What do I do with him?’ I knew I couldn’t leave him out there. He would certainly die. I drove down a dirt road off the highway in hopes of finding his owner. Nothing. My plan was to find a vet or shelter in Page and drop him there.”

But things obviously didn’t go the way Chase planned.

After making the trip together from Chase’s hometown of Philadelphia to Arizona, there was no way Chase was giving Paco up.

“Once I got to Page I needed to stop at a grocery store for some food. I found myself buying Paco doggy supplies,” Chase said. “I’m an animal lover, and although I still wasn’t planning on keeping him, I wanted to make sure he found a loving home. So Paco came along with us to the lake.”

That was just the start of an amazing friendship that is full of adventures at every turn. Paco does all sorts of activities with Chase and he loves every minute of it. Chase says that Paco has no fear and an ability to climb virtually anything so he’s a perfect fit for Chase’s adventurous lifestyle.

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“My life consists of constant travel and adventure. I am deeply rooted in extreme sports like base jumping, skydiving, cliff jumping, and snowboarding,” Chase said. “I basically travel to new places all over the world searching for the next thrill.

“I have experienced so much culture and met some amazing friends along the way. And now paco is going to see the world with me!”

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