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Grandparents Brought To Tears When They Find Out Their Daughter Is Having A Baby

Many parents dream of the day they’ll become grandparents. And for many expecting couples, one of the joys of new parenthood is announcing the pregnancy to their loved ones.

Everyone does this differently. Some people share the news on social media first, and others announce it in-person to their loved ones. Some people just say, “hey, we’re having a baby,” and others get creative with the announcement.

For Catherine Raines, the best part of her announcement came with her parents’ reactions to being grandparents.

She shared a video of her pregnancy announcement on social media. It started with her presenting her dad with a bottle of wine. She tells him not to chug it, but to read the label carefully.

Her dad slowly begins to examine the bottle’s label when he stops short. He looks up, stunned, before handing the bottle to his wife while he processes the news. The label read, “Drink this for me, you’re a grandpa to be,” and had a picture of their ultrasound.

It gets even better when he’s had a moment to take in the news of becoming a grandpa. He begins to jump up and down, giddy with glee! He and his wife embrace and jump together, clearly stunned and excited to be grandparents!

Check out their adorable reactions in the video below: