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Gorgeous Woman Mocked For Her ‘Ugly Leg’ Gets The Best Revenge

No one on this planet is born flawless. Even though fashion magazines, TV shows, and movies make us feel as though the people we are looking at are perfect, they aren’t; no one is. Every single person on this Earth has a flaw. Some people may try to hide behind makeup or clothes, but the flaw is always there.

When you’re younger, you may have frizzy hair or need braces and you may have even been picked up because of it. But those people that picked on you? They had flaws, too. They could have picked on you to try to make themselves feel better about themselves or they were just rotten people who gave in to peer pressure.


As you grow up, your initial flaws may go away but you have new ones. Your hair is now tamed and shiny and your teeth are straight, but maybe you have acne or have grown a little too tall too soon. Again, you may be picked on for new reasons, but those teens aren’t perfect, no matter how hard they try and make everyone else believe they are.


Others have lifelong imperfections brought on by genetics or a health condition. Braces and creams can’t “fix” them, they just have to learn to live with themselves for who they are and hopefully, they embrace their flaws.


It took Berlange Presilus a very long time to accept and love herself and not be ashamed of what makes her different, but once she did she became a successful fashion model.

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