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This Sleeping Beauty’s Need For Naps Is A Real Nightmare For Her Family

It’s what most of us dream about. In fact, we want it so that we can escape into that unconscious fantasy land that our resting brain creates. While scientists argue over the exact totals, we are fed a steady diet of eight hours, or the most one can get, for staying happy and healthy. But how many actually achieve this goal?

This Is Jade


When was the last time you settled down for a long winter’s nap and ended up waking up, in the dark, wondering what day and what time it is. There’s one thing Jade Frazier isn’t and that’s sleep-deprived. In fact, she suffers from an overabundance of Zzzzzzs. The girl has a condition known as Kleine-Levin Syndrome, which is believed to cause such excess sleepiness. Jade takes up to five naps a day, and can regularly clock over 20 hours of sleep total.

She Sleeps Up To 20 Hours Every Day


She was so tired on Christmas morning that she couldn’t get out of bed to open her presents. KLS has also caused developmental issues and has stunted her language. Instead of a dream come true – especially for all the worn out moms and dads out there – Jade’s condition is causing major concern for the Fraziers. Doctors aren’t quite sure what can be done for the child. She throws tantrums when she’s denied sleep and regularly lapses into incoherency when she has an episode.

And There’s Not Much Doctors Can Do To Help Her


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