Foster Parents Tell Girl ‘Today’s Your Day’ As She Bursts Into Tears

While they were eating, Shailee said that her dream was to have a family of her own. That moment, everything changed for Jeremiah; Shailee stole his heart. When they arrived home that night, Jeremiah told Jessica he was ready to make a child’s dream come true and to open their hearts and home to a foster child, with the intent on adopting them. They immediately started the paperwork to become foster parents.


Jessica’s parents were getting older and decided not to renew their foster license. To Jessica and Jeremiah, this was a sign that Shailee was supposed to be their daughter. She moved in with Jessica, Jeremiah, and Skyler and loved her new life – especially since she was still able to see Jessica’s parents!

The Franks knew that she was meant to be theirs and went through the grueling process of adopting Shailee – without telling her! Of course, they finally did and her reaction is absolutely beautiful.

Watch This Touching Moment:

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