Foster Parents Tell Girl ‘Today’s Your Day’ As She Bursts Into Tears

Sadly, not everyone is blessed with a beautiful family. Some couples try to conceive for years without any results and their chance for adoption falls through. Far too many children are taken from their biological parents because they aren’t being cared for or treated properly and end up bouncing from foster home to foster home over the years.


These stories always make you appreciate the family you do have, regardless of how frustrating they can be at times. In the end, you have children to hug, a spouse to hold, and a roof over your heads to keep everyone safe. That’s what really matters.


Jessica Frank and her husband Jeremiah already had a great life. They were parents to a young boy named Skyler and were active and happy. Jessica’s parents had many foster children over the years and Jessica knew the importance of opening your home to a child in need. She wanted to adopt another child but Jeremiah always resisted.


Jessica’s parents were fostering a young girl named Shailee who had been in the system for too long. They adored her and took excellent care of her. Jessica had met Shailee before, but Jeremiah never had until the entire family went hiking. It was a conversation during dinner that evening that turned everything around for Jeremiah.

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