Florida Firefighters Help Save A Man’s Life Then Return To Save His Yard

We often think of first responders as highly trained professionals who answer a dispatch call to save someone’s life. While that is certainly true, there are other aspects to their jobs that we may not always think about at first. For instance, we know that firefighters arrive at the scene of accidents in minutes, ready to free someone trapped in a car or put out a fire.


But have you ever considered how fast they spring into action? They basically go from zero to 100 in seconds. It’s pretty remarkable. What’s also remarkable is how calm and brave they are when facing an emergency situation. Firefighters always have nerves of steel and a clear mind, which most of us struggle with in ordinary, everyday tasks; can you imagine staying calm when someone’s life is on the line?


There’s another side to first responders that makes them even more special in the eyes of many. It’s easy to think of what they do as just “jobs” but there’s an entirely different side to them: their compassion and humanity. A group of firefighters in Florida is highlighting the compassionate side of first responders. They not only saved Gene Work’s life, but they later returned to save his yard…


Gene and his wife Melissa were facing a dilemma many people face – they were in a battle with their Homeowners’ Association over their lawn. In the hot Florida sun, it’s a lot of work to keep your yard looking top-notch year round. The Works were given a warning by their HOA: replace your sod and get your lawn in shape or face stiff financial penalties. So the Works did what just about anyone would and purchased new sod and began their yard transformation.

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