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First Young Woman With Down Syndrome Competes For Miss USA State Title!

Thanks to some pretty resilient kids and their allies, people with Down syndrome are being accepted into mainstream media more and more.

Major companies are even featuring people with the syndrome in their ads and messages of equality.

It’s a big step for people with Down, who just decades ago were treated as if their beautiful lives had no meaning.

Today, these special people are now champion gymnasts, models, and public speakers.

One young woman is taking another big step for people with Down syndrome and just like the pioneers before her, she refused to let anyone tell her what she is or isn’t!

I'm the only one in the World in Special Olympics that does this😊

Posted by Chelsea Werner on Wednesday, November 2, 2016

22-year-old Mikayla Holmgren is a beauty contestant from Minnesota who has performed in several pageants and dance competitions and was crowned the 2015 Minnesota Junior Miss Amazing winner.

Her story may not seem remarkable to you yet, but head to the next page to see why Mikayla is a pretty big deal!