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Father Punishes His Bully Son By Making Him Run To School In The Rain

The father starts off the video, which shows his son running to school in the rain, by saying:

“Hey everyone, welcome to ‘You better listen to your Dad 2018’.

My son has finally got in trouble on the bus enough to where he was kicked off the bus for three days because he was being a little bully which I do not tolerate, can’t stand.

Therefore, he has to now run to school, we’re right about one mile from the school so all week he’s got the experience of running.”


It’s clear that he wants his son to do the right thing and creates his form of corporal punishment in teaching his son a lesson. He makes sure to explain why, how, and what he hopes to accomplish while video taping the run. He does throw some personal politics into the video, but nonetheless accomplishes what he sets out to do.


He ended up posting a second video as the “Listen To Your Dad 2018” punishment continues. While thanking the people who support him, he also wanted to answer some questions and explain in greater detail why he feels this is effective and safe for his son. He added in the video, “We’re gonna make sure that one way or another his teachers are gonna be able to enjoy his company at school, he’s not disrupting his classmates and everything else.” Continuing with, “Teach your kids, don’t be a friend, be a parent. That’s what children need these days.”

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