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Father Punishes His Bully Son By Making Him Run To School In The Rain

Those of us who have children understand how difficult it can be to keep them in line when they’re acting up. If you happen to be one of the parents whose child never misbehaves, consider yourself one of the lucky ones because the rest of us know the struggle. This isn’t to say that most children are terrors, they just test the lines of what is right and what is wrong. When they do step out of line, we have to be there to teach, but what kind of punishment is appropriate?


Corporal punishment isn’t looked upon with the same gaze as it once was in the past. There are plenty of studies that show its effectiveness, both in the positive and negative, but there’s a very fine line as to what’s too far. We need something effective to teach but also strong enough to keep them from making the same mistakes.


When it comes to bullies, a parent has an obligation to make sure their child never treats other kids that way again. One father shows us his way of punishing his son, who was misbehaving on the school bus and being a bully, and many people on the Internet are praising his actions. Will you become one of those people?


Check out PAGE 2 for the video of one father’s anti-bullying tactics…