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Fashion Comapany Boohoo Is Using Images Of Models Without Photoshop And Women Everywhere Rejoice!

It’s not just the viral model who didn’t get the Photoshop treatment from Boohoo’s editors. Many models can be seen baring their own imperfections without the use of editing software.

If Boohoo is going to sell to real women, why not show real women? A lot more women feel comfortable spending their hard-earned money on products from a company who speaks to their heart more than a clever ad.

But we really just need to say that all of these women are naturally stunning, as are all women, and the fact that they through any insecurities out the door in order to show who they are is truly beautiful in itself. Real beauty is honest and authentic, not manufactured in a digital studio, regardless of how much money they spent on advertising.

What do you think? Does Boohoo’s approach to showing models without Photoshop make you want to support their online store? Let us know in the comments!


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